Zip-Scene presents Pola Borkiewicz/PL: New XR Narrative Paradigm

2019. november 11., 19:00 MOME Campus, 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.

The Taxonomy of XR (All Reality) Media is a subject to a continuous process of definition. This process takes place on the Reality (physical) and Virtuality (synthetic) spectrum showing the continuum of our experience (Milgram, 1994). Defining in the broadest sense the concept of cross-reality or XR, I refer to the symbol ’x’ as a mathematical variable that allows describing the potential realities (xR) in the process of their emergence while systematizing categories of all experiences (VR, AR, MXR, MXYR, multiMXYR or AllR), (Mann, 2018).

In the practical sphere of artistic and research activities where communication is a key aspect of work of interdisciplinary teams, there is a need to develop a common language that transcends the hermetic areas of meaning within each individual field. What springs from this need is a project of codification of the language of the media of potential realities (xR), which will have the form of a tool useful for both creators and researchers.

In my speech, I would like to present the publication project I am currently developing on a digital publishing platform as well as the process related to the shaping of a new paradigm of spacial media narrative, starting with the virtual experience of 3D spherical film or Cinematic VR (CVR).

Pola Borkiewicz's keynote is funded by Waclav Felczak Foundation and International Visegrad Fund.

Pola Borkiewicz - interdisciplinary artist, researcher, designer, director, cognitive scientist. Head of VR / AR Studio Visual Narratives Laboratory of the Film School in Łódź. She conducts research on a new paradigm of narrative spherical 3D VR film, as part of codification of the audiovisual language of virtual and augmented reality. Currently directing the cinematic VR experience: CITY, editing the interactive publication: xR (PWSFTviT) and designing VR game: The Curator (IAM). She develops the CVR experience scenario: Man With a VR Camera (Creative Europe, Development 2019). Doctoral candidate at Virtual Reality Lab and Psychophysiology at the Psychology Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. Her publications concern the language of cinematic VR narration and bioethical consequences of development of virtual environments. Co-author of the research: The impact of VR technology on the effectiveness of transferring knowledge and film skills conducted by VRLab IPPAN for NCKF (PISF 2018). Co-founder of the XR Association. Jury Transatlantyk VR SpaceTime Award 2018. She conducted as a lecturer following courses: CinematicVR (Crash Course, Pro) and Film & Percepcja (DreamScreen, NeuroCinematics). Initiator and co-founder of the Narrative Systems Open Lab, interdisciplinary project implemented at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2016). Organizer of the Immersive Storytelling conference (ASP 2018). Dream Director at DreamJay, responsible for the audiovisual department and research of the Nightly app (2015/2017). Interaction designer of the exhibition Poland at EXPO2015 in Milan. Designer and producer [muzyka_jest], opening of the National Forum of Music, by Extended Studio (2015). Creative director of the Copernicus Festival, ed. 1st Revolution (2014). She deals with broadly understood psychology of perception, new technologies and neuroesthetics.

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